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By submitting this form I am attesting to the following:

  • Clearing authority is required for flights with less than 200 hours total time AND for all IFR flights where IMC is anticipated AND the PIC has less than 5 hours Actual IMC
  • The clearing authority I have entered is my instructor or another authorized authority as designated by the FMFA Operations Manual
  • By entering "NONE", "SELF CLEAR" or any other text that is not a clearing authority name I am stating I exceed the hours requirements for clearing authority
  • I am current in the aircraft I have requested
  • My medical is current and I have no knowledge of any condition which would disqualify me medically
  • I have attended, or watched the video of, the most recent safety meeting
  • I am current on all my FMFA written examinations, annual flight check, and ALL of my paperwork with FMFA is up to date
  • I am familiar with the minimum aircraft rental rates stipulated in Section 1-14 of the FMFA Operations Manual and UNDERSTAND that unless FMFA Management approves a deviance in advance that I will be held to those minimums
  • I have ensured any passengers have signed the covenant not to sue
  • I have a positive balance (enough to cover the anticipated cost of the flight) and/or valid payment method on file in FSP