Contact Information

Fort Meade Flight Activity
Tipton Airport (FME)
7509 General Aviation Drive, Fort Meade, MD 20755
2nd Floor of the south(flight line) side of Hanger 80
EMAIL is the best way to contact us as our staff are volunteers and will not always be in the office to answer the phone

Phone: 410-672-0080 FAX: 410-672-0942

Club Officers

Officer Name Contact Number
Co-managerSuzanne Hall443-690-2627
Co-ManagerFrank Turney443-799-1287
Operations OfficerTimothy Woods443-745-8564
Chief PilotPhilip Irving410-953-0286
Safety OfficerFrank Turney443-799-1287
Web-masterKenneth Urban570-764-7090


Please contact the FMFA Operations Officer (Ron Roth) or an instructor. Contact information can be found in Flight Schedule Pro.